The federal government has a virtually perfect record.  There is nothing it cannot mismanage. Even those rare things it is thought (by some) the government manages well, the private sector would do better at a fraction of the cost.

That said, there is one thing the government does extremely well; lie.  As a wonderful friend of mine says, “The government lies, lies all the time, and lies even when the truth would serve it well.”  If you disagree with that statement you haven’t been paying attention or you work for the government.

There is no shortage of subjects to write about if one wishes to expose the lies of the United States government.  So why did I start with the Income Tax?

First, due to nearly two decades of research and “hands on” activities concerning the truth of the income tax, it is a subject over which I have a substantial command.

Second – and more importantly – there is no other subject the government lies about that has such a significant impact on the lives of We The People.  It is also the subject the government has lied about for so long that most Americans were spoon fed the lie from their earliest memories.  In fact, this lie is so thoroughly entrenched in the fabric of American society that generation upon generation of proud patriotic American have been feeding this socialistic “big lie” to their own children!

In other words, to rip the hard ugly scab off of this foul puss-encrusted lie leaves a wound that will never heal.  Once a person has seen the light of truth about the income tax, he will never be able to trust the government again.

Given that the government is so thoroughly undeserving of the trust of the American people, opening their eyes to the government’s untrustworthiness is the first step in altering the relationship between We The People and the federal government.

The only way for We The People to interact with the federal government at this point is to presume that anything and everything the federal government says is a lie and require the government to prove itself credible in every interaction with an American citizen.

Income Tax: Shattering The Myths blows the lid off the government’s “big lie” concerning income tax, but its impact will be felt far beyond that single subject.