Why “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”?

The federal government has a virtually perfect record.  There is nothing it cannot mismanage. Even those rare things it is thought (by some) the government manages well, the private sector would do better at a fraction of the cost.

That said, there is one thing the government does extremely well; lie.  As a wonderful friend of mine says, “The government lies, lies all the time, and lies even when the truth would serve it well.”  If you disagree with that statement you haven’t been paying attention or you work for the government.

There is no shortage of subjects to write about if one wishes to expose the lies of the United States government.  So why did I start with the Income Tax?

First, due to nearly two decades of research and “hands on” activities concerning the truth of the income tax, it is a subject over which I have a substantial command.

Second – and more importantly – there is no other subject the government lies about that has such a significant impact on the lives of We The People.  It is also the subject the government has lied about for so long that most Americans were spoon fed the lie from their earliest memories.  In fact, this lie is so thoroughly entrenched in the fabric of American society that generation upon generation of proud patriotic American have been feeding this socialistic “big lie” to their own children!

In other words, to rip the hard ugly scab off of this foul puss-encrusted lie leaves a wound that will never heal.  Once a person has seen the light of truth about the income tax, he will never be able to trust the government again.

Given that the government is so thoroughly undeserving of the trust of the American people, opening their eyes to the government’s untrustworthiness is the first step in altering the relationship between We The People and the federal government.

The only way for We The People to interact with the federal government at this point is to presume that anything and everything the federal government says is a lie and require the government to prove itself credible in every interaction with an American citizen.

Income Tax: Shattering The Myths blows the lid off the government’s “big lie” concerning income tax, but its impact will be felt far beyond that single subject.

19 Responses to “Why “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”?”

  1. DougJ says:

    Dave, I finished reading the book recently, and it clearly is everything good everyone has said it is. Your experience, knowledge, and wisdom on this subject come through. There is no substitute for the years it took to decipher the income tax laws and see how it all works in the real world. People need to understand that this is what they are paying for when they order your book! It is infinitely better to have someone do all the leg work and present the results in an easily understood, orderly, and clear manner. You have done this, and it is a major contribution to freedom in America.

    I’m starting to go through the book again, making notes and cross references on my computer of all the statutes, regs, and so on, and have them refer back to the corresponding section(s) in the book. My goal is to use this process to really learn the material and be able to quickly call it up using computer search functions. (It’s just the way I like to learn and organize information!)

    The bigger issue is the need to spread the word and put into place a more effective means of combatting the fraud. People are afraid of the IRS and don’t like to make waves. Operating in isolation is tough. Going up against government tax agencies, HR functionaries, and lawyers who think they know better is difficult when you are trying to remember all the salient points of tax law. I’ve recently had to do all of these things. But your book certainly provides a lot of the ammunition and, more important, gives you the courage to stick to the truth no matter how much pressure you get to conform to the corrupt system. People need to get the book and go over it repeatedly until it is fully ingrained. In the meantime, we need to make sure we do things like vote to acquit if we’re on a jury for a willful failure to file case; start to educate HR executives; find like-minded folks to encourage and support; and speak out against the lies whenever we come across them. Oh, and stock up on ammo (tee hee!).

    Thanks again for the excellent work. I encourage everyone to scrape up the cash to get the book, learn the material, then get out and do your duty for freedom!


  2. if our federal government can do whatever it deems proper controlled only by our mere right to elect or re-elect certain officials every few years what makes our system different providing greater liberty than all the others that have free elections but are dominated by a supreme national government? We have been taught to believe that federal power is limited only by checks and balances among branches of government against each other and the authority of the people to elect officials in those branches every few years. Indeed judicial decision-making regarding standing in the constitutional case of Obamas usurpation confirms this view this critical issue is relegated to the ballot box via the political question or dismissed due to some fictional standing argument about the branches of government.

  3. Brian says:

    Dear Dave,

    I was hoping to buy your book online today, so hopefully, you’ll get a merchant account setup soon. Have you considered PayPal as an option? It’s not the best option, but it might work for now.

    Also, I can’t wait to get the book! I know a lot of people who work for large corporations, and I hope your book has enough insight into convincing HR types that SSN’s, W-2’s, etc. are not required to work for someone.

    May God bless you in everything you do. There aren’t too many people who would even consider not paying “their” taxes, and even fewer who would write a book and tell everyone about the income tax scam. I only wish that would change. Thank you for your hard work and willingness to persevere!


  4. drbillyjoe says:

    For those who think the price of the book makes it a scam here is something for you to chew on. I am a graduate Veterinarian and payed wqell over a $100 for many of my textbooks. They were obviously not scams and were loaded with pertinent information. I have read this book (three times in fact) and can tell you this book is worth more than any of the Verterinary Textbooks I have purchased. This book is cheap at $200. So buy the book or continue to be stolen from by our servant government. I will never understand why people think it is wrong for somebody to break into their home and steal their property but , when faced with the ability to learn about government theft of their property, they would rather not know it is happening. Does the word sheep ring a bell?

  5. dave says:

    Thanks for the kind words Gary. And people should know that you’re a “tax professional” who knows the truth about the “largest financial crime in the history of the world”. It’s important for people to understand that once tax professionals read the truth, if they are honest, they too will see it for what it is. Just a few more things; it’s not the “tax defense fund”, it’s the “legal defense fund”. They won’t be coming after me for tax, they’ll be trying to silence the truth by silencing me. They haven’t yet made an attempt to stop the book from being sold in the U.S., but they will.

  6. Gary Tedder says:

    Dave, I just received my copy of your book, Shattering the Myths. Thank you so much for having the Balls to print the Truths as best you know them about the fereral income tax system. Not only that, you also cover a variety of taxes. I hope it takes a long time to Read It, I want to enjoy it for as long as possible. I only regret very few People will actually read it, much less act on the Information that can help a Person shed the Shackles. I will send you tax defense money as often as possible. I imagine you have received a phony Tax Injunction Letter by now, but I hope you do not. GTCPA

  7. dave says:

    There’s a reason the Congress doesn’t add that simple phrase. It would render the income tax unconstitutional. The IRS is trying to have their cake and eat it too. They don’t want the income tax administrated in accordance with the law, yet they know the law is accurate and their mal-application is illegal. There is simply no way to reconcile the two. As long as the govt can fool The People it will continue. Hoping millions will read the book and get informed.

  8. dave says:

    It would seem odd and unproductive to focus on such a technicality when the tax isn’t even upon you. Why not simply address it on the merits?

  9. houguy says:

    On page 8 of “Income Tax: Shattering the Myths,” it states, “The most important thing to know about regulations is that while they are not actual ‘laws,’ they have the ‘full force and effect of law’.” This statement is not correct. According to the holding in Chrysler v. Brown, 441 U.S. 281 (1979), only “substantive” or “legislative-type” rules (regulations) have the “force and effect of law.” This specific type of regulation must be the product of a congressional grant of legislative authority, promulgated in conformity with any procedural requirements imposed by Congress. The procedural requirements refer to those of the Administrative Procedure Act (1946) which, as admitted by Sen. Pat McCarran (R-NV) (see 1946 Cong. Rec., Vol. 92–Part 2, p. 2149), “…set up a fourth order in the tripartite plan of Government which was initiated by the founding fathers of our democracy… So we have the legislative, the executive, the judicial, and the administrative.” Of course, there is no constitutional authority for an administrative branch.
    For a duty or obligation to attach there must be Part 1 substantive regs promulgated and published (in a very specific format) in the Federal Register under one of the two rule making processes mandated by the APA. The first is Formal Rule Making as codified at 5 U.S.C. 556 & 557 which is almost never used today. The second is Informal Rule Making codified at 5 U.S.C. 553(b), 553(c) and 553(d). Neither the IRS nor the Treasury has promulgated any Part 1 substantive regs using Informal Rule Making.

  10. Rodney says:

    Hi Dave,
    I must make this quick so….
    I finished your book. I will read it again before I comment further than that I will gladly do so.
    Are you interested in a summary of typos and grammar found?

    Rodney, IL
    I found an interesting comment here:
    http://www.deathandtaxes.com/senate_31506.pdf see quoted text below:

    March 15, 2006
    Senator Charles E. Grassley, Chairman
    Senator Max Baucus, Ranking Member
    United States Senate Committee on Finance
    Washington, DC 20510

    Re: Supplemental report to the 2001 Committee Testimony
    Dear Sirs:……………….

    Foreign-Source Income
    You must report unearned income, such as interest, dividends, and pensions, from sources outside the United States unless exempt by law or a tax treaty. You must also report earned income, such as wages and tips, from sources outside theUnited States. Many tax deniers point to this paragraph as proof that the 861 argument is
    valid,since no similar language appears in the instructions regarding domestic income.
    To avoid this confusion, the IRS could simply add five words to the paragraph,
    “In addition to domestic income, you must report…”

    Do not hold your breath, lest you are a bureaucrat then sleep on.

  11. dave says:


    How odd it is that you equate a price higher than you’re willing to pay as a signal that the book is some sort of scam. The book has received rave reviews from those who have read it. (Interestingly, the only negative comments have come from those who haven’t read it. And of course you now fall into that category.) This book may never be sold in volume (though I hope I’m wrong). It is not a Tom Clancy novel. It is a book about the truth. And you may have noticed that the truth isn’t terribly popular in America these days. Americans have been lied to for generations on this subject. How long will it take to undo the “big lie”? I don’t know. That one is in God’s hands. Additionally, this book represents 17 years of my life. Again, it’s not a novel; it’s the “keys to the kingdom” as far as the tax system is concerned. And its affects reach far beyond the income tax. If $89 isn’t worth the “keys to the kingdom” to you, that’s fine, but just say that; don’t get into this smarmy talk about the book being some sort of scam. And you seem to have completely overlooked the reviews of the book on this very page.

    Possibly you should listen to my radio show to learn what you don’t know now; that I don’t do “scams”. My goal in life is to bring down the scammers who are destroying America. And finally, it is very irresponsible of you to infer that the book is a scam without having read it. I’m sure no one who reads your comments will see you as offering a responsible view.

    Dave Champion

  12. Mary G says:

    Mr. Champion, I like what you have to say but must admit I will never buy your book b/c the price of it signals SCAM. Even self-published books do not cost that much! Honestly, you must not expect to sell very many by word of mouth if you have to keep the price so high (since sales volume would easily make up for the lower price).

  13. dicktater says:

    “Anybody know where you can find a recording of Dave on Gary Nolan’s show??”

    No, dangit! And, I want to hear that show soooooooo badly. Dave was great guest on Rule of Law Radio Monday July 19th. Here’s a link to the archive:

    128k (110MB)
    16k (14MB)

    Dave starts about 30 minutes into the show.

  14. houguy says:

    Anybody know where you can find a recording of Dave on Gary Nolan’s show??

  15. dicktater says:

    The Power Hour interview was great!!! Looking forward to finding archives of any other interviews that you give on your book tour.

  16. houguy says:

    I just received the book Wednesday and starting reading right away. It looks to be an excellent read except for the fact that there is no annotation in the text that links to the Table of Authorities & Notes. The next edition should definitely have this added.

  17. GoyoK says:

    Holy Cow, Edward! If you had CAREFULLY read the book, you would know 1) that there is NO more knowledgeable authority than Mr. Champion, 2) that since this is a Con Game of the HIGHEST magnitude that no one from the IRS or its minions will EVER debate Mr. Champion for 3 seconds, let alone 3 hours! In fact, after your reading the book, they will never even debate YOU!!! 3) You must now know that anyone with ‘Nationally Recognized Credentials’, whatever that might be, who would try to debate opposite of the stone cold facts found in the book would have to bee a fraud and not worthy of whatever credentials you would like to recognize! All of us Right Wing Socialists have got to own up to the facts – WE HAVE BEEN HAD! The only question left is “How much longer are you going to co-operated with your own destruction, Edward?”

  18. eallen says:

    Dave I am really liking your book. Am starting my second read. I posted a link to your promo interview with Bill Carns on my Facebook page. Then I sent a personal message to about 100 of my FB friends to watch the video I had posted. Several people responded and said they would watch.

    But about the book. I like the content for sure. Thorough without being overly technical or tedious. Very well written and easy to understand. I so wish that a knowledgeable authority from the IRS or someone else with nationally recognized credentials would agree to at least to a 3 hr public debate. A venue with high quality video/audio/lighting and enough advanced notice to gather an audience. Wow, that would be so cool!

    Dave, I just want to say personally, thank you my friend. You are great leader, and an inspiration to us all.


  19. rfmorrow says:

    Dave, I would like to start off by saying “WOW”. For many years I have been looking into this matter starting with Aaron Russo’s film, AMERICA: Freedom to Fascism. As I watched that movie I wrote down some names of the people that I felt had valid points so I could go back and do some background research on. That path led me to your website, and soon after, I discovered you had a radio show. As I listened to what you had to say on your show I started to get a much clearer picture of the time invested in this subject (almost your whole life). When I heard that you had completed the book, “Income Tax: Shattering the Myths” I knew that it was a must read. With that background I return to my “WOW” statement. This was some of the most amazing information about the Income Tax that I have ever read. All the Supreme Court decisions; what they mean and more important, what they DON”T mean and much, much more. Thank you for this incredible work and thank you for shedding a spotlight on the dark lie that I have believed to be truth for most of my adult life. I pray that your book will spread like a wildfire across this land and ignite people to act to right this wrong. Thanks again, and I look forward to the day that we meet face-to-face and I am able to shake your hand.